Every Coaches “Must Have”

The WHIP simulates “game situation pitching” and trains batters to focus on pitch location and speed.

Every Coaches "Must Have"

The WHIP simulates “game situation pitching” and trains batters to focus on pitch location and speed.


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Saves Your Pitcher's Arm

Pitching studies by orthopedic surgeons  have condemned youth baseball pitchers from over throwing curveballs and fastballs during a regular and/or extended season.

Every Coach’s “Must Have”

For the vast majority of ball players around the world most do not have access to pitching machines or hitting facilities to practice realistic batting skills.


The WHIP simulates “game situation pitching”.  Position the handles according to the chart to the right which corresponds to the length between the mound and home plate by league standards.

The WHIP trains batters to focus on pitch location and speed (see chart below).  The batter can concentrate on batting techniques while receiving consistently repeated pitches.

The Whip can allow a coach or parent to give the player immediate batting instructions and correct any bad habits.

The WHIP drastically reduces wasted time gathering balls during batting practice or losing balls over the fence.

Straight Line = Circumference
League Distance by Feet Calculation Radius by Feet/Inch
Minor   7-10 40 6.28 6′ 4″
Major 11-12 46 6.28 7′ 4″
Pony   13-14 54 6.28 8′ 7″
HS, College, Pro 60.5 6.28 9″ 8″


While the coach stands on either the 1st or 3rd base line, the batter holds the ball over the plate.  The coach walks backward until the tether is fully extended to the first handle.  Start with a slow rotation until both the coach and batter are use to the technique of applying speed and location.

The batter should take his or her normal stance in the batters box facing the pitcher’s mound and not watch the full rotation of The Whip.  While the coach delivers a consistent speed and location of the ball, the batter can focus on locating the ball coming from the pitcher’s mound direction as it is approaching the plate.

After practicing at slower speeds, the coach can gradually increase the speed of the rotation to simulate “game situation pitching”.  Once the players are use to the The Whip technique, the coach can refer to the charts for radius distance and timing to further simulate “game situation pitching”.

With advance techniques, The Whip can simulate Curve Balls, Sliders, and Fast Ball pitches.

First Glance Reaction Time: Baseball
League Distance by Feet 50 mph 60 mph 70 mph 80 mph 90 mph 100 mph
Minor   7-10 40 0.545 0.455 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Major 11-12 46 0.627 0.523 0.448 n/a n/a n/a
Pony   13-14 54 0.736 0.614 0.526 0.46 n/a n/a
HS, College, Pro 60.5 0.825 0.688 0.589 0.516 0.458 0.413


The WHIP Series, “Swing Trainer”, Patent Pending No. 15/355,224


The WHIP 1000 “Baseball Swing Trainer” comprises of a baseball cable assembly attached to a rope tether.  This patent pending design simulates “game situation pitches” for batting practice.

  • Swing trainer for all levels
  • Mobile system capable to use any where any time.

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